Laminating / Tedlaring

Aircraft Tedlaring



A commonly used term for the surface of aircraft interior components and finishes is Tedlar and the process of applying this material is Tedlaring. The name Tedlar is however a brand name used by one of the more popular manufacturers of laminating film. AMI skillfully uses these laminating films to create magic in the interiors of airplanes.


AMI uses the latest technology in interior coverings to protect all interior surfaces
.    Galleys
.    Lavatories
.    Overhead bins
.    Ceiling panels
.    Sidewall panels
.    Dividers
.    Bulkheads


These laminate covers are manufactured using the highest quality Polyvinyl Fluoride Film (PVF) that bonds perfectly to the substrate of the aircraft interior and stretches with heat to fit any contour without flaw. AMI’s highly skilled technicians can apply the laminate to a surface leaving a finish as though a premium paint was applied – flawless and attractive.
Laminate coverings offer excellent weathering and dirt shedding properties while having attractive colors to complete your aircraft interior décor. These films are produced in various thicknesses depending on the area of use to provided adequate protection for the surface. Surfaces are easily managed as they are difficult to soil, easy to clean and provide good wear and chemical resistance.


Replacing your aircraft interior surfaces with a new laminate film
.    Extends the life of your interior
.    Renews its appearance without replacing parts
.    Reduces the spreading of germs as it allows for effective cleaning
.    An affordable way to have an expensive-looking upgrade for a fraction of the price