Aircraft Curtains

Many interior aircraft features serve important functions but often go unnoticed by passengers. Among those overlooked features are an aircraft’s curtains or draperies. Aircraft curtains provide comfort and convenience for passengers and improve the in-flight experience.

At Aero Marine Interior, Inc., our expert seamstresses can design and create airplane curtains in a variety of colors and prints using a wide selection of fabrics. Your aviation curtains can be designed to allow in any amount of daylight and provide various levels of privacy. In addition to blocking the light that enters aircraft windows, curtains for aircraft are used to divide classes on commercial aircraft and create privacy for restrooms and designated crew areas. Airplane curtains also can be used for acoustic purposes.


The Benefits of Quality Curtains for Airplanes

You may not always notice them, but quality curtains can make a big difference to the in-flight experience. Quality curtains create a more comfortable light level for passengers, making it more possible to sleep, read, view devices and enjoy other in-flight activities. Similarly, curtains can create privacy areas for passengers and crew members alike.

In addition to controlling light and creating privacy, curtains can be used to enhance the look of your aircraft’s interior. Quality, handmade curtains, like those from Aero Marine Interior, Inc., create an inviting cabin ambiance. Curtains also can include specific prints or branding elements that communicate professionalism while improving your company’s brand recognition. Top-quality curtains will enhance the in-flight experience for your passengers and set your private or commercial aircraft apart from the competition.


Choose Aero Marine Interior, Inc.

When you’re looking for the highest quality curtains for your aircraft, look no further than Aero Marine Interior, Inc. Our FAA-approved repair station in South Florida specializes in interior aircraft repairs including complete overhauls, refurbishing, upholstery, and more. We employ the finest seamstresses in all of South Florida to create top-quality curtains that can’t be found elsewhere.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing the look and feel of your aircraft cabin. We can take your preferences and ideas and create a curtain that suits your interests and brand, or you can trust our field service technicians and seamstresses to design and make curtains that will best suit your aircraft. Fill out our brief online contact form to request a quote or give us a call at 305-652-2992 to start the process of creating or replacing your aircraft curtains today.