Crew Seat Covers

Your crew represents some of the most important people on your aircraft, and their comfort is essential to an enjoyable and safe flight experience. Additionally, the state of your plane’s interior is the first thing guests notice when they step onboard. Old, worn-out aircraft crew seat covers can give the impression you’re not concerned about the maintenance of your aircraft or the well-being of your crew.

At Aero Marine Interior, Inc., we know you don’t want to give a negative impression to anyone who boards your plane. That’s why we offer the top aircraft crew seat re-upholstery service in the industry. Whether you need your aircraft crew seat covers repaired or the aircraft crew seats entirely reupholstered, our skilled experts can make them look and function like new. 

Crew Seat Repair Process

At Aero Marine Interior, Inc., we specialize in aircraft interior refurbishing as well as upholstering, fabrication, and repairs. Our team consists of some of the most qualified seamstresses and aircraft interior technicians in Florida. We use the highest-quality materials to ensure your crew seat repair is done perfectly and your airplane crew seat covers look and function as though they’re brand new. We’ll even help you choose the airplane seat fabrics that best suit your aircraft and your specific needs as an aircraft owner. 

A Happier, More Comfortable Crew

When you operate aircraft, your crew is your family. Keeping them comfortable, and the entire flight experience safe is essential to a positive aircraft ownership experience. When you repair or reupholster crew seats, you’re showing your team that you care about their comfort. Superior comfort means less fatigue for those in charge of the safety of your aircraft and your passengers.

When your aircraft crew seats look pristine, your entire aircraft presents a more professional appearance. This creates a better first impression and provides a more enjoyable experience for everyone on board. Our top-notch reupholstering and repair services will give your aircraft the look and feel you want. 

Best in the Business

Aero Marine Interior, Inc. is known for offering excellent aircraft interior repair and reupholstery services. With more than 18 years of industry experience, we’re able to provide the highest quality finishes at affordable prices and within a short turnaround. We’re an FAA- and EASA-approved maintenance repair facility specializing in total interior repairs, including airplane crew seats and seat covers. Simply put, we’re experts at updating the interior of your aircraft.


Contact us today to transform your aircraft crew seats and make each in-flight experience more enjoyable for your crew and your passengers.