Keeping aircraft in the air for as long as possible means completing maintenance on a regular schedule. Keeping commercial or private aircraft comfortable and pleasant to use also means periodically refurbishing the interior. A high-quality aircraft interior refurbishment can give your aircraft a rejuvenated, modernized look that will make it feel like a new plane — no matter how many years it has been in service. As a recognized leader in airplane interior design, Aero Marine Interior, Inc. has the experience needed to provide expert refurbishment services for your aircraft. At Aero Marine Interior, Inc., we leverage our years of leadership in the aircraft interiors market to give your aircraft a new lease on life, regardless of its current condition.


Our Complete Refurbishment Services

Aero Marine Interior, Inc. specializes in complete design and refurbishment of aircraft interiors, working with a wide range of materials and colors to match your precise desires. We work closely with you to refurbish your aircraft’s interior to provide you with everything you need — from customized upholstery to cabinets. Whatever you choose for your aircraft’s new interior, we can execute your vision with an emphasis on elegance and style — creating a refurbished interior that will enhance the look and comfort of the flying experience for you or your passengers.

Aero Marine Interior, Inc. has completed numerous aircraft interior refurbishments for major airlines as well as corporate aircraft, including planes manufactured by leading names such as Airbus and Boeing. We can deliver refurbishments that cover virtually every aspect of your aircraft’s interior — including carpeting, galleys, bathrooms and cabinetry. When you choose Aero Marine Interior, Inc. for your plane’s interior refurbishment, you’ll receive the highest-quality service you’ll find anywhere.


Your Complete Source

With more than 18 years of experience in the aircraft interiors industry, no one knows more about flying in comfort and luxury than Aero Marine Interior, Inc. Our interior work is released with all FAA- and EASA-required documentation, so you can have total confidence in us.

Ensuring that your flights will be pleasant and comfortable all the time for you or your passengers means you may need to refurbish the interior of your aircraft, and Aero Marine Interior, Inc. can deliver the service you need. For more information about our services or to request a quote, reach out to us today.