The appearance of an aircraft’s interior can be just as important for the passenger experience as its comfort. Aero Marine Interior, Inc.’s advanced capabilities enable us to create a unique look as well as branding opportunities that didn’t exist before. We call this aerographics, and it can open a new world for you and your fleet.



What Is Aerographics?

This one-of-a-kind process involves immersion printing. It allows us to decorate your plane’s interior with graphic designs that weren’t possible in the past. It works through the use of hydrographic film that is placed on the surface of the water. Once the film is activated, it leaves paint behind, floating on the surface. When a 3D object is dipped into it, the paint adheres to the object and creates the chosen design. Finally, the component is coated with a special polymer that seals it and protects the finished painting. 


Aerographics can be applied to a variety of surfaces found in an aviation interior, including:

• Seat tables
• Overhead bins
• Ceiling panels
• Sidewall panels
• Dividers
• Bulkheads
• Drink rails
• Game tables
• Folding tables
• Cabinets


This procedure makes painting any design or pattern onto an object with a curved or unusual shape easy and nearly flawless. For example, it can replicate wood grain patterns much faster than veneer, and with overall greater durability. Whether you want to recreate the look of a natural material such as marble or apply your corporate logo to anything inside your plane, we will deliver. We can give your small jet’s interior an executive appearance without the high price normally associated with it. 


Let Us Improve the Look and Feel of Your Fleet

Our expertise in customizing solutions for aviation customers means we can leverage our Aerographics capabilities to return the best possible results for you.