Should You Consider A Custom Aircraft Overhaul?

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Your aircraft is a home away from home and like your brick-and-mortar residence, it’s a place that should be appealing, comfortable and rejuvenating. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let years pass without updating the interior of your aircraft, allowing it to slowly slip into a tired, lackluster state. At Aero Marine Interior, Inc. we specialize in overhauling outdated aircraft so they look and feel like new. Here, you’ll find more information about what an airplane interior overhaul entails and how it can benefit your aircraft.

What Is an Aircraft Overhaul?

An airplane interior overhaul can take many forms. It can be as small as updating upholstery and as large as completely refurbishing the entire interior of your aircraft. At Aero Marine Interior, Inc., we work closely with our clients to customize the aircraft exactly as they desire, whether that means performing seat repairs, replacing seats, creating custom upholstery, carpeting and cabinetry or a number of other interior touches. A custom airplane overhaul may even include completely reconfiguring the cabin layout to one that better suits your needs.

Why Your Aircraft Needs an Overhaul

When you step inside your aircraft, does it feel modern, comfortable and appealing? If not, it’s likely you need an aircraft interior overhaul. Innovations are constantly taking place in the aircraft industry, and that means there are likely more comfortable seats, superior technologies and more pleasing fabrics available than when your aircraft was manufactured or last refurbished. An aircraft overhaul can make your airplane interior more aesthetically pleasing while also improving its function and profitability.

The Benefits You’ll Enjoy

There’s no doubt you can expect the interior of your aircraft to look better after an overhaul. But you’ll enjoy several less obvious benefits, too. Here are a few of them:
  • Increased passenger comfort — The more comfortable you and your passengers are in flight, the better rested you’ll be when you arrive at your destination. That can make the difference between suffering jet lag and feeling refreshed at your meeting or the start of your vacation.
  • Superior durability — An aircraft interior overhaul allows broken and worn items to be repaired or replaced, lengthening the overall lifespan of your cabin.
  • A more appealing setting — A custom airplane overhaul means you can choose the designs, fabrics and even seat configuration used in your cabin. You can choose a setting that’s most appealing to you, whether that’s modern, classic or something in between.
  • Increased safety — As advancements are made in the aircraft industry, safety elements also are introduced, including fire-resistant materials, flotation seat cushions, lightweight materials and more. An interior airplane overhaul allows you to add more safety features to your aircraft.

Customize Your Aircraft With Aero Marine Interior, Inc.

At Aero Marine Interior, Inc. we’re ready to perform your custom aircraft overhaul. With more than 18 years in the industry and Florida’s most experienced aircraft interior technicians on our team, we provide quality, customizable finishes at unbeatable prices. Contact us today to start the process of overhauling your aircraft interior.

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