Absolutely In Need of Aircraft Refurbishment in 2022

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aircraft refurbishment

Aircraft Refurbishment Potential Projects

With the commercial airliners preparing for an increase in the volume of travelers as Covid-19 fear dwindles, they have begun purchasing more passenger planes. To truly capitalize on this current slump and expected rebound in the future, interior aircraft refurbishment will allow airliners to welcome passengers back to a new atmosphere. Giving customers a new feeling to associate with that airliner.

The following excerpt from an article, “Boeing wins annual jet order race on adjusted basis“, posted by Reuters had the following to say about passenger plane sales:

Shares in Boeing rose around 2% after the closely watched data showed it ended 2021 with 535 net orders after cancellations and conversions that were partially offset by regular accounting adjustments. Gross orders were 909.

Excluding the upward accounting adjustments, which reflect a more positive view from Boeing on airlines’ ability to take delivery, Boeing fell behind its rival with 479 orders.

Airbus sold 771 airplanes in 2021, giving a net total of 507 after cancellations, almost twice its 2020 level.

After slashing production due mainly to the pandemic, planemakers are seeing more demand for medium-haul passenger jets and freighters, despite global concern over Omicron.

Boeing largely met analyst expectations on aircraft deliveries, handing over a total of 340 aircraft to customers in 2021, up from 157 in 2020, but down from 380 in 2019 and a record 806 jets in 2018.

Reuters “Boeing wins annual jet order race on adjusted

This shows that airlines purchasing passenger planes is trending upwards since last year, yet still lower than pre-pandemic levels. Each airline is chomping at the chance to be ready for demand to soar. With the help of seasoned experts in aircraft refurbishment, airlines will be prepared to show off their interior customization that will shoot them to the next level.

AMI Aero Marine Interior, Inc. offers unmatched services and experienced professionals for just that reason. Whether it is a small change or a more comprehensive interior overhaul, AMI has the ability to upgrade an aircraft to set it apart from the rest soaring around out there. The following services can be provided by AMI:

  • Custom Aircraft Interior
  • Interior Aircraft Refurbishment
  • Aircraft Flooring
  • Sidewalls
  • Crew and Passenger Seat Repairs
  • Window Repair
  • Laminating/Tedlaring
  • Aircraft Veneering and Cabinetry
  • Upholstery, Fabrication and Carpet
  • Aerographics
  • Aviation Technical Manpower
  • NDT

After airliners are able to upgrade and customize the interior of their aircraft to their liking, they can also have AMI provide some nondestructive testing. The one thing more important than an interior aircraft refurbishment project is ensuring the materials holding the plane together are still in flying condition.

With the arsenal of equipment and experienced NDT inspectors AMI Aero Marine Interior, Inc. is able to take care of all NDT needs. A quick list of equipment used for these purposes are as follow:

  • Radiography
  • Eddy Current
  • Phased Array Ultrasonics
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Ultrasonics
  • Liquid Penetrant

With aircraft refurbishment done on recently purchased passenger planes and NDT inspections completed, airliners’ main concern will be getting their passengers back in the air. Begging the question, what will still hold them back?

Airline Demand Delays

For once airlines were given notice of a delay. With recent announcements of all the variants of Covid-19, the sickness that put the world in quarantine, fear of contraction had gone back up. For good reason. Though recently information is being released stating that variants may be weaker than the original and that is something that could restore some confidence in the enthusiastic traveler.

Other issues holding people back from storming the airline gates are the Covid-19 regulations instituted across the world. Many dictate it is required to take a test prior to boarding your plane and if you test positive, you must quarantine. If you are not home, this could mean a significant amount of money spent on hotel and time lost.

Though the question remains. Even if the demand delays came to a halt and passengers planned trips as if they were making up for time lost, would airliners be prepared to service all of those passengers? The market currently says no.

Many airlines have been experiencing an actual pilot shortage. With a large portion of pilots looking to retire in the coming years, airlines need pilots ready to take over. Although, it is not only retirement causing the shortage. During this current pandemic, getting sick can put you out of work for 2 weeks. With many pilots missing work due to sickness or retiring, flights do unfortunately get canceled.

An article posted by CBS News, “United Airlines launches pilot training program to address shortage: “Opening the door for a lot of people”“, stated the following:

Airlines cannot fly anywhere without pilots and some are struggling to find enough of them. Next year, they expect to have a shortage of more than 12,000 pilots.

United Airlines has launched a program to train the next generation of pilots, including promoting other workers to fill those vacancies.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby says this is their effort to combat the persistent staffing shortage on the flight deck,  which has forced route reductions.

“We’ve got over 100 regional aircraft that effectively aren’t flying because there are not enough pilots to fly them,” Kirby said.

Couple that with the COVID pandemic, which slowed the rate of new pilots taking to the skies, and it’s almost impossible to keep pace with all the open seats.

CBS News An article posted by CBS News, “United Airlines launches pilot training program to address shortage: “Opening the door for a lot of people”

With the implementation of this exciting program for aspiring pilots, airlines like United should be well-suited to handle rising demand. Meaning it is a good time for them to take care of some aircraft refurbishment. So once their classes of pilots graduate, they will be able to withstand the flood of travel demand that will one day come.

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