How Innovation Has Transformed Aircraft Cabin Design

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As you sit in your airplane seat, buckle your seatbelt and power on your iPad, you may not be too concerned with the history of your surroundings. But here at Aero Marine Interior, Inc., we don’t think aircraft interiors are boring. They’re our passion. If you look throughout the cabin, you’ll probably notice that the interior of aircraft has changed since the first time you stepped aboard a plane.

In fact, aircraft interiors have changed dramatically over the past six or seven decades, and they’re continuing to change as we speak.

The Golden Age of Flying to Modern Aircraft Cabins

The 1950s and ’60s were considered the Golden Age of Flying. That’s because flying was a luxury typically only afforded to business travelers and the wealthy. Interiors were roomy, vibrant and sophisticated with framed pictures on the walls and seats that reclined so much they were practically beds. However, as airplane travel became more affordable, and ultimately more popular, the unused space in aircraft cabins needed to be used to accommodate more customers.

The commercial airplane travel industry is now crowded and flourishing, which means airplanes need far more seats than they did in the Golden Age. Aircraft designs had to be altered to accommodate more people, which means narrower seats, less leg room and smaller aisles. But the challenges of the modern era of busier flights doesn’t necessarily mean the new aircraft cabin configurations are less desirable.

Less Can Be More

Aero Marine Interior, Inc. is an expert in aircraft refurbishment and reconfiguration, and we’re using the latest technologies to make aircraft interiors as lavish as ever — all without sacrificing the room needed to accommodate more passengers. For example, ergonomic seat designs and higher-quality cushions mean seats can be made more comfortable without needing to consume more space.

Other major improvements include ultra-modern custom upholstery, the highest-quality flooring, cabin devices that kill bacteria, and carefully crafted cabinetry. It doesn’t matter if it’s a private or a commercial aircraft, the interior of modern aircraft is constantly adapting with the latest technologies and continuously becoming better than ever.

Leave It to the Professionals

Commercial and private aircraft need to be pleasant and comfortable for passengers, no matter how old the aircraft may be. Our professionals at Aero Marine Interior, Inc., know that not everyone — whether a private owner or major manufacturer such as Airbus or Boeing — can purchase a new aircraft every time the interior needs to be refreshed. That’s why we offer the highest-quality aircraft interior refurbishments available, creating a pleasant, comfortable and modern environment in every aircraft we touch.

Refurbishments can involve any or every aspect of your aircraft’s interior, from bathrooms to cabinetry, seating, carpeting and the overall color scheme. With an emphasis on style and elegance, we’re experts in turning your aircraft’s interior into a place you never want to leave.

The experts at Aero Marine Interior, Inc., have been repairing and refurbishing aircraft interiors, as well as offering nondestructive testing services, for more than 18 years. All work is released with full EASA- and FAA-required documentation, so you can stop worrying about repairs and leave them to the professionals.

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