How Companies like SpaceX Drive us Further into Space

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The Space Allure Unraveled

Consistent with our predecessors, we have maintained a constant curiosity of what is among the stars above in space. So much so, that enthusiasts and business owners alike have set their companies’ trajectories in direct line with the intimidating unknown. From child-like wonderment to billionaires racing to make more history in the stars, the last frontier continues to pique our interest for more chances of advancements that may change things forever.

Many wonder whether the money being used for further exploration beyond our atmosphere is worth it or not, seeing as how we already have so many issues here that need more attention. Though the answer that pops up is that life on Earth may have an expiration date at some point in the future, and it is our responsibility to take the steps toward continuing the human race elsewhere. Fortunately, it is not hard finding great minds that have an interest in taking people to unexplored territories.

Those Involved with Advancing Travel Past Earth

Beautiful stories used to be told of the stars in the sky, tales of heroes etched in the sky for us to be reminded of nightly. Though, city lights have polluted our view in recent centuries and science has taken some of the magic behind the lights we see at night. Time and research have made us aware that stars are basically explosions that took place from dust clouds and gas collapsing in on themselves and heating up. The magic taken would quickly be replaced with more wonder and possibility.

The realization of a much more mathematical truth behind stars and the great beyond never hindered mankind’s ambition to understand the space that surrounds our Earth. Current technological advancements have allowed for a far greater understanding and the ability for gathering more information about what used to be referred to as the great unknown. In a few decades, that title may only be suited for those seemingly unreachable areas of the ocean.

Efforts made by organizations like NASA and SpaceX, have brought back a wealth of knowledge. Such as an understanding that there is a possibility of life beyond Earth, it is only a matter of creating necessary forms of transportation. According to an article posted by the Guardian titled, “SpaceX’s towering starship aims to get humans to Mars“, billionaire owner Elon Musk’s company has made great success in making it less costly for humans to travel into space with reusable materials and near revolutionary refueling capabilities.

The same article would even go on to discuss some of Mr. Musk’s goals for completion of human travel to and from Mars, and even his long-term goals for the planet Mars. It was described as the colonization of Mars, with the development of a city and even Earth animals being ferried over in true Noah’s Ark fashion. Although, the article did conclude with the obstacles holding us back from these goals that do not take away from the many achievements already made by SpaceX.

As we come to the end of 2021 the company will look to have launched 31 Falcon 9 rocket flights and have already beaten their previous record of 26 launches in a calendar year, as stated by the article “SpaceX to close out year with surge of launches” in SpaceFlight Now. This article would detail that these rocketships would deploy batches of satellites and as of the writing of the said article, 1,729 functioning satellites had been deployed. 1,467 of which are operational, not to say the others did not work, some still need to maneuver into position while others are not providing internet service.

Even NASA has made significant achievements toward moving us past our own atmosphere. According to an article, “Private space stations are coming. Will they be better than their predecessors?”, NASA has proposed the development of three new commercial space stations that will allow for humans to live and work in space outside of the government framework. The article goes on to detail a few issues in design and the drawback of lack of knowledge of whats it’s truly like to live in space. Seems that companies like AMI Aero Marine Interior, Inc. will need to offer their expertise in passenger aircraft customization.

Future of Travel Capabilities

With capable rockets for space travel, the ability to go farther safely and at a rate of speed appropriate for human passengers has become a matter of when instead of if. The only question remaining is who will be at the forefront and who will be sustainable over the long run. With great organizations working to grind through the untraveled path, undoubtedly there is some close behind interested in capitalizing off their advancements. How soon until we see airlines setting their trajectory past the atmosphere?

Overall, opportunities would surely blossom if an actual other world was opened up to us. Living under a new atmosphere and terrain would bring forth the need for innovations in producing food, shelter, and even transportation. Calling on all of the great companies to expand their capabilities in order to make a life on another planet a plausible decision.

Other essential companies will surely roll over their services for space travel, like NDT and refurbishment providers’ AMI Aero Marine Interior, Inc. would. From obvious needs such as inspecting materials being reused in a passenger spacecraft through non-destructive testing, to even customizing and refurbishing the interiors of the actual commercial or even personal craft. The future sure does seem to be evolving in front of our eyes, how far do you think we’ll take it?

Step Away from the Need for Travel

Originally, those stories that taught us lessons and painted pictures of how the stars in the sky came about were created in order to satisfy that human need to understand. Which continues to drive forward innovators and researchers today. Understanding what is around us has historically led us to our greatest advancements. For example, by understanding the placement of certain types of materials and the physics ruling the world we live in, we were able to construct airplanes and travel across the sky.

This is the mentality that drives societies to constantly invest in exploring the unknown, like the organization NASA that has been dedicated to understanding and traveling the cosmos for decades now. Even recently NASA has made impressive advancements in understanding our surroundings and opportunities besides just travel.

In an article posted by CNN, “Humans just ‘touched’ the sun for the first time using a spacecraft“, the title says it all. The largest star near us, the one we orbit, and we are just now getting more information from this giant ball of fire. The article states that this was a goal of NASA for over 60 years and they are now beginning to get some unusual insights on the star, with more surprises to come.

Another article, “NASA seeks ideas for a nuclear reactor on the moon“, discusses the request by NASA to the public for ideas on getting a nuclear reactor functioning on the moon. The skeleton of an idea they currently have is to construct the reactor here on Earth and transport it to the moon, they have even attempted to partner up with private businesses. After these ideas are brought to fruition we can further understand how those reactors can benefit and further our potential.

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