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NDT Career Structural

NDT Careers Real-World Application

The average person interested in a career change, or even those looking for their first career, will want to consider what impact different industries will have on the world around us. How a career impacts a society can have great ramifications on the overall frame of mind workers have in that industry. For example, doctors have the satisfaction of bringing their patients back to good health but share the misery that comes with more unfortunate outcomes.

The service done by NDT careers has significant application in today’s society, specifically because of the large confidence we have placed in materials for structures and various transport vehicles. Nondestructive inspections are needed by many industries and all structures throughout their lifespans. The varied industries include aerospace, maritime, oil and gas, nuclear, power generation, medical, rail, and general manufacturing according to TWI Global, an NDT training and examination service provider. The article also specified that nondestructive testing is a crucial aspect of quality control and ultimate health and safety.

Without such services, society would be running very high risks allowing the use of large structures to hold considerable amounts of people hundreds of feet in the air or even simply transporting ourselves at high speeds across the roads, let alone through the sky. Along with the constant risk of not knowing just how durable materials used in bridges, airplanes or boats are. Owners and caretakers would likely incur heavy costs through constant replacement by regulation.

Just as regular inspections are expected of certain structures, vehicles, and manufacturing equipment, regulations would surely have been created in place of NDT inspections. They would have been necessary and regular replacements to avoid the risks of constant weathering and wearing down by use. Further cementing the need for NDT careers.

NDT Careers in Current Job Market

Comparable to many industries in the current Coronavirus pandemic job market, the need for NDT inspectors is high. Along with this shortage of NDT inspectors, there is a %6 increase in demand for the surface inspection NDT market over the next 5 years. This demand increase follows a pressure for manufacturers to lower external defects and product irregularity. Overall, the NDT industry expects high growth over the next few years.

According to Grand View Research, the global nondestructive testing market size is anticipated to reach USD 22.9 billion by 2028 with a %6.7 CAGR over the forecast period. The article further specified that this growth is attributed to increasing manufacturing in developing and developed nations. Another specific sector looking to see significant growth is actually going to be the ultrasonic testing segment because of the ease of handling the equipment, availability of skilled technicians, and precise fault detection.

What Does it Take?

Although those looking to enter the field will have the opportunity to earn higher average salaries and possibly more in-depth training, there is not a level of education required for entrance. Though, prospective students of the craft would have the option to attend two to four-year schools in order to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and cross-train in other disciplines.

Attending a trade school to begin your NDT career will give you the opportunity to learn alongside professionals within the industry. Possibly procuring a mentor for yourself to help further progress your career from a more personal approach.

Another great aspect of the NDT industry is its inclusiveness. If long-term schooling is not your thing, then no worries because online courses and training facilities can be used to satisfy the required amount of training hours for certification.

To get your start in with an NDT career, you must meet three qualifications:

  • Complete required number of training hours
  • Pass written and practical exams
  • Gain enough experience to carry out expected duties

The required number of training hours will depend on various factors, such as goals and prior education. Understanding where you are and where you would like to be is vital to efficiently get certified and land the job of your interest. The reason for this is because each method of NDT inspection has a certain number of required training hours.

By understanding the requirements of your ideal job, and a few similar options, you can specify the areas you need to be certified in and avoid nonessential training. Of course, you can later get certified in other methods for a more comprehensive understanding of your craft, but the idea is to start gaining experience as soon as possible.

Further education in the NDT industry can look like satisfying the qualifications needed to become certified at higher levels. As an NDT inspector, you can scale the ranks from level 1 up to level 3. Obviously increasing your attractiveness to other employers and allowing you to receive higher compensation.

Certified for NDT Careers and Looking!

With a shortage of nondestructive testing technicians, the job market is ideal for new entrants. By being able to fulfill the requirements to become certified in an NDT career, workers will be able to secure great positions with reputable companies. In contrast to being left to outlier companies as most careers begin in other industries. Wondering what reputable company is currently offering NDT technicians positions? Look to companies such as AMI Aero Marine Interior, Inc., that have an extensive background working with big-name companies.

Having the reputation of outstanding service among powerful organizations is the foundation that allows such companies the advantage of thriving within the NDT marketplace. According to AMI Aero Marine Interior, Inc. they have worked with significant players in the commercial airline industry, most likely a result of their exceptional aircraft refurbishment services. Among the customers mentioned were familiar names like Spirit, American Airlines, Delta, and DHL.

Starting your NDT career alongside a company with two decades worth of experience in providing highly-rated service, will surely fast-track your experience in climbing the ranks. According to ASNT, there are several paths available to those who choose an NDT career, beginning of course with NDT Assistant in order to learn all aspects of inspections and later progress to positions such as NDT Technician/Inspector, NDT manager, NDT Instructor, and NDT consultant.

Make your goals known, further your knowledge of the industry, and continue along with your lucrative NDT career!

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