Ensure Your Aircraft Seats Are Comfortable With These Tips

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Your aircraft seating can make or break a flight for you and your passengers. Comfortable seating can be the difference between arriving at your destination jet lagged and worn out or rested and ready for what lies ahead. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, here are a few tips to ensure your aircraft seats are comfortable.

  • Use or install a footrest — Flying long distance means your feet may swell and experience discomfort due to cabin pressure. One of the best ways to combat this is with a footrest. Unfortunately, many commercial aircraft don’t include footrests, so the best option is to slip off your shoes and prop up your feet on your carry-on or other personal item. If you’re an aircraft owner, you may want to consider replacing old seats with seating that includes footrests for all passengers. Airplane seat comfort can have a major influence on how much your guests enjoy the flight.
  • Add a cushion — Let’s face it. Aircraft seats don’t compare to the comfortable seating of our vehicles and living rooms. However, a few quick adjustments can greatly improve your airplane seat comfortability. Simple solutions, like traveling with a pillow or inflatable seat cushion can reduce lower back pain during flight. For aircraft owners, refurbishing your seats or replacing them with a more comfortable design can offer travelers more padding and better overall quality.
  • Don’t forget lumbar support — Aircraft seat comfort affects your blood flow, how well you sleep and the stress your back muscles experience during flight. Proper lumbar support can increase aircraft seat comfortability while allowing you to relax and rest easier. For some, this simply means bringing a pillow to place against the lower back. Aircraft seating also can be engineered to include lumbar support. Increasing the comfort of aircraft seats is often as easy having your aircraft’s seats updated or replaced.

The Importance of Comfort

Your passengers, whether business partners, family members or complete strangers, are seated for most of the time they’re inside your aircraft. This means the comfort of your airplane seats is one of the primary features they notice while flying with you. An uncomfortable seat can make for a disappointing flight, damaging customer relationships as a result. Comfortable seating can have the opposite effect.

The comfort of airplane seats can make all the difference, according to Ayşegül Durak, former cabin interior chief engineer at Turkish Airlines. “To an operator, increasing all class passengers’ comfort — including in economy — is priceless,” he said.

Choose the Experts in Aircraft Seat Comfort

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