Discover Excitement in the 2021 Dubai Airshow

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Dubai Airshow

What is the Dubai Airshow?

Every industry enjoys the conventions of like-minded individuals, to share innovations and discuss industry-related topics amongst professionals. The 2021 Dubai Airshow was a grand showcase of some of the greatest innovations at play in the aerospace industry. The event would celebrate the UAE’s 50th anniversary according to an article on Sam Chui: Aviation & Travel titled “Dubai Airshow 2021 Show Highlights“, and it was held on the 14th-18th of November.

When visiting their site, Dubai Airshow, they describe the airshow as featuring 20+ country pavilions, 371 new exhibiting companies, and 80+ startups. On top of this broad array of professionals in the aerospace industry, there was said to be an amazing aircraft display of over 160 commercial, military, and private jets. That’s not all, the website goes on to indicate it hosted 387 senior military and civil delegations from 140+ countries. With 50+ hours of thought-leadership content ranging over topics such as cargo, sustainability, air traffic management, and aerial mobility presented by 250+ speakers. Be sure not to miss the next one, November 12th-16th of 2023.

According to the blog on Sam Chui: Aviation & Travel, the airshow boasted a record-breaking 120,000 attendees despite the pandemic. At the time this seemed to be a message about air travel recovery, but as discussed in our other blog, “Hazardous Covid-19 Variant Omicron Puts Travel in a Bind“, a variant may have put an alarming stop to that progress.

How the Show Enticed the Industry

The Dubai Airshow would go on to bring together consumers and suppliers from all areas of the aerospace industry, pushing along deals and circulating knowledge. By co-mingling true professionals of a craft, entire industries can press forward regardless of any hardships weighing down on them. The reason is techniques for staying afloat or even slow advances can spread.

At this particular show, Reuters posted an article, “Planemakers grab deals at Dubai Airshow“, that represents tentative or firm deals for north of 400 airplanes. Some strategically played on the fear of our fragile market during the ups and downs of the pandemic. Many deals were made in the hopes of an improved environment for the industry as a whole by the time orders get fulfilled, which according to the article won’t be for a few years.

Given the time until orders get fulfilled, these investments can be game-changers. A few years from now and the whole industry could experience a travel surge, one from the many travelers stuck at home. Especially those finally finishing school to find the world on lockdown, most likely planning each trip down to the restaurants to visit when everything loosens up. This inevitable exciting surge will happen when we all feel secure in our practices to stay healthy.

Excitement in the Air

From military applications to exquisite toys for the wealthy, the exhibitors at the Dubai Airshow showcased amazing concepts. One notable demonstration was the Russian stealth fighter called “Checkmate”, which includes innovations in the artificial intelligence sense as discussed in greater detail in the article “Russia presents its new stealth fighter, the ‘Checkmate’“. Though the first test flight for this aircraft is not scheduled until 2023, maybe it will make an appearance at the next airshow.

CNN posted an article, “Private jet concept with a sundeck and dancefloor showcased at Dubai Airshow“, which dove into a few of the grand concepts presented at the airshow. One of which was a private jet that included a sun deck, four double bedrooms, a gym, and a garage, the sundeck would be for when the airplane was parked obviously but undoubtedly a unique experience. The other impressive idea was the flying hotel, including a dining table for 8, a kitchen for gourmet cuisine, a DJ to perform onboard, and a suite with a king-size bed.

The extravagant Dubai Airshow is truly a wonder and a necessary factor in the furtherance of the aerospace industry. If the innovation wasn’t enough to wow spectators, then the spectacular aerial shows would surely do the trick!

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