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We Have Found Comfort in the Clouds

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Comfort in the clouds

The calm of comfort fills the cabin, how could it not with the well-spaced chairs of the
softest of leathers to lean back in, coupled with a cold glass of your favorite champagne will
leave you starting to believe that there is no other way to travel. With beautiful features
incorporated into every aspect of the aircraft, from the sidewalls to the lavatories, these elegant
flying suites have been taking the travel industry by storm lately.

The Status of Owning an Aircraft

Private aircrafts have been a status symbol since their inception, and lately more people
have been joining the trend of private traveling. According to an article posted by Bloomberg, a
majority of private aircraft purchases’ have been made by first-time buyers
. Whether you believe
this is happening due to our current social climate, which has shaken up every class and culture
since the beginning of the pandemic, or just a heightened taste for the finer things infecting
people due to our access from social media, there is no mistake that people have shifted toward
this private luxurious route for their travel needs.

Now, this is not a new interest for our culture where we are drawn to the luxury of these
elegant environments, especially when it becomes private. As a society, we have put a significant
value on intimate and personalized environments’ – personal vehicles’, romantic boat rides’,
dinner party rooms’, and, of course, private aircrafts. Companies such as AMI Aero Marine
Interior, Inc.
have made it possible for VIP private aircraft owners to put a personal touch in their
cabins’, for interiors that represent their owners’ and allow them to fly in style.

The status symbol of owning a private jet of course still holds significant weight, but it
does continue to get watered down as the industry grows’. Today, people are owning personal
aircrafts’, or even making use of chartering services, instead of taking the commercial route for
the need of privacy, space, and overall to have a luxurious experience. So, how are we standing
out in a room full of standouts? Refurbishment.

The Benefit(s) of Aircraft Refurbishment

Now what’s the point of purchasing such a luxurious item if it can’t be personalized and
made to show off your interests/style. Some may approach it from a very elegant standpoint,
making use of the most high-end leathers, carpeting, all the way down to the lavatory amenities.
While others may want to really put their personality into their private aircraft, going for out of
the ordinary color schemes and unique furniture.

Maybe this is a corporate jet interior that you
need to focus on, so you want to put the company colors in there and create a very relaxed, yet
professional, layout to entertain clients or even just get the team where they need to go.

Of course, not everyone is a new private plane owner, and some may have an aircraft that
they have kept for some years, which may be in need of a professional reboot. When these long-time owners take yet another trip, either near or far, they might just look around and feel stuck in
the past just because they have seen the same environment every time they travel since buying
said aircraft.

While some of these owners may be extremely impulsive, and have enough
disposable income, and actually look to purchase a new personal aircraft to see change. When
truthfully, an in-depth refurbishment can take that old-school plane, to a modern masterpiece
wrapped in history. Just like refurbishing those old-school Chevrolets, these planes can come to
be worth much more to a collector if refurb sticks to the old-style layout but with a fresh feeling
to it.

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