The Best Guide To Custom Aircraft Seats

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Aircraft veneering and custom aircraft seat
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Why are custom aircraft seats important?

Did you know that the seats you choose for your aircraft’s custom interior can make or break flight comfort? Let me explain, most travelers who opt for air travel prefer seats that have a softer cushion for long-distance travel and seats that are wider than the average commercial airline seats.

Most commercial airline companies preferred seats that are narrow because it offers more seating for travelers, which gives the airline companies a more significant ROI (Return Of Investment). To support the airline companies, aircraft seat manufacturers have been shrinking the seats’ size, relocating the seat’s back pocket, replacing padding, and decreasing the armrests size. On the flip side, travelers are now seeking airlines that provide much more comfortable seating.

What is the best solution:

As an avid traveler myself, I would recommend airlines to listen to their customers and provide better inflight comfort.

Based on extensive research, I was able to conclude what travelers like myself are looking for when it comes to the seats that they choose and what they are looking for in terms of comfort. Below, I have created a list of my findings:

  1. Travelers are more likely to book or recommend an airline to their friends/family when the seats are comfy; think of this as choosing the right leather recliner seat for that Sunday football game, e.g., the best lazy boy seat that money can buy.
  2. Seats that are customized to allow travelers to adjust easily.
  3. The material that aircraft companies choose for their seats tells a traveler if the flight will be a comfortable one.

The beginning of aircraft seats

According to Spectra Interior Products “Since the late 1970’s most aircraft seating upholstery fabrics have been constructed of primarily wool yarns, usually blended with a small percentage of nylon fiber in the warp yarns to reduce yarn breaks during the weaving process. Wool fiber is inherently flame-resistant, can be colored with dyes that are highly fade-resistant. The protein fiber structure of wool “breathes”, offering a comfortable seating fabric that is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Worsted wool yarns are strong, durable, and can be constructed into an infinite variety of patterns and colors to create a seating environment that is unique to any aircraft cabin design.”

The Best Aircraft materials for seat comfort:

Hold on! I could give you a list of the best materials you can use for your aircraft to increase comfort, but I’m going to take a different approach. I’m going to break down the best materials by brands and innovations for aircraft seat comfort.

  • As an innovative approach to seat comfort for aircraft, a group of U.K based companies is applying the concept of seat comfort that has proven to keep Formula One racers comfortable for an extended period while they are seated in the tight space that the F1 race car provides.
    • This concept consists of replacing the traditional materials that aircraft manufacturers use for their seats with the same lightweight materials used in Formula One race cars to create more comfortable air traveler seats and lower operating costs. While the seats are usually made of carbon fibers, they are looking into more natural fibers such as flax material, which is biodegradable.
  • One of my favorite U.K based design firms has developed a prototype that will shape the future of aviation. The prototype combines conductive threads with technology (Mobile App, allowing passengers to adjust their seat’s firmness, softness, warmth or coolness from their phone using a custom-built mobile app. The idea behind this prototype is to offer similar comfort to that of a Tempur-Pedic mattress.
Looking For Custom Aircraft Interior?

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