The Luxury Of Leather: Why It’s a Smart Choice For Airline Seats Today

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What makes for the perfect flight? Opinions differ, but ask any group of travelers and some commonalities emerge: A flight that takes off — and arrives — on schedule (or even ahead of it). A smooth ride with no turbulence. And a comfortable seat that supports your body and makes hours pass like minutes.

Passengers have little or no control over most aspects of their flights. They do have their choice of airline, however — or maybe they have their own aircraft, which means they know what to expect when they fly. While on-time arrivals are almost always a top consideration when it comes to airline choices, the comfort of the cabin and the overall flying experience also play a factor.

A Better Bargain Over Time

That’s why airlines pay plenty of attention to passenger seat design, recognizing the importance that seats play. While there are a variety of fabric choices available, leather airplane seats are growing in popularity for several reasons:

  • Durability — Leather’s natural properties make it easy to clean, whether you’re mopping up spilled coffee, tomato sauce, dirt or even sweat. Liquids are also less likely to seep through a leather seat than a fabric one.
  • Economy — The cost of leather may be higher than fabric initially. However, the former is a better investment in the long run. A leather aircraft seat can last up to 10 years, compared to about two years for a textile seat.
  • Comfort — Leather’s sleek, responsive surface feels good against the skin. It’s not scratchy or rough and retains its comfort even as it wears.
  • Ambience — There’s a reason why high-end automobiles feature leather seats — they’re synonymous with luxury. An aircraft with leather seats helps create an atmosphere of well-appointed comfort, encouraging passengers to relax and enjoy their flight, whether it’s a quick puddle jump or a cross-country red-eye. The bottom line? For economy, durability and just plain good looks, leather can’t be beat when it comes to aircraft seats. The initial investment should easily pay for itself in the months and years to come.

Consider Aero Marine Interior, Inc. for Leather Aircraft Seats

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your aircraft seats to leather for a more modern, luxurious look or thinking of a complete aircraft interior refurbishment, you’ll want a company that specializes in aircraft seat restoration.

At Aero Marine Interior, Inc., we have more than 18 years of experience and understand the unique needs of aircraft interiors today. We’ll work with you to meet your airplane seat restoration needs, and can customize and design any aspect of your aircraft interior. Our company is an FAA-approved repair station and all our interior work is released with FAA- and EASA-required documentation.

Contact us today for more information about how we can meet your aviation leather seat needs.

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