Aircraft Window Repair

Aircraft Window Repair

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AMI’s Window shop is the new kid on the block. However, there is nothing new about the experience of our staff. Our technicians have cumulative experience in windows of over 20 years and have capabilities to repair all major manufacturer’s windows. Windows are bench checked, repaired, and overhauled in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations in short turn times. Another one of AMI’s advantages is that we have excess capacity in this area and can repair windows in short turn times which allows our customers to keep their aircraft flying.

 Aircraft window repair

This consists of a thorough inspection to make sure that we are aware of all minor and major damages. Once our inspection is completed we perform the highest quality window repair service to keep your aircraft in the air longer. We value our customers and we value our window repair services, which is why major airlines companies trust us to main their commercial aircraft.

We also perform ultrasonic thickness inspections, prism crack detection, and window polishing of passenger windows on aircraft. This significantly reduces the downtime of aircraft and is a great cost-saving. Please contact us for more info.

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