Aircraft Sidewall

Aero Marine interior has over two decades installing and refurbishing aircraft sidewalls. We can take on new projects, small or large, due to our stop in-house technical manpower.


Your #1 Source for Aircraft Interior Sidewall Repair & Installation

At AMI, we use the latest technology in interior coverings to protect all interior surfaces. This technology consists of laminate covers are manufactured using the highest quality Polyvinyl Fluoride Film (PVF) that bonds perfectly to the substrate of the aircraft interior and stretches with heat to fit any contour without flaw. AMI’s highly skilled technicians can apply the laminate to a surface, leaving a finish as though a premium paint was applied – flawless and attractive.

Laminate coverings offer excellent weathering and dirt shedding properties while having attractive colors to complete your aircraft interior décor. These films are produced in various thicknesses depending on the area to provide adequate protection for the surface. Surfaces are easily managed as they are difficult to soil, easy to clean, and provide good wear and chemical resistance.


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