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Quality, Trusted Aircraft Refurbishment Services By Aero Marine Interior, Inc.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, flying is often the safest, easiest and most convenient way to reach your destination. Yet it’s the overall experience you have as a passenger that determines how happy you are with your flight. That experience is also what makes passengers decide whether to choose your airline again — and recommend it to others. Maintaining a well-appointed, comfortable interior enhances not only the safety but the flying experience of you and your passengers.

That’s where Aero Marine Interior, Inc. can help. 

AMI Mission Statement

"Providing our partners guaranteed safety, first-class comfort, and exquisite repairs high above the rest."

"We provide a wide range of aircraft refurbishment and custom Aircraft interior services to commercial airlines and executive (VIP) aircraft. These Services includes:"

Periodic refurbishment of your aircraft’s interior is part of regular maintenance, but it also improves the look — and feel — of your aircraft. High-quality refurbishment can modernize and rejuvenate a dated or tired interior. We specialize in complete design and refurbishment services, whether you need a minor update or a more comprehensive interior overhaul.

Want an aircraft interior that reflects your personal preferences — or that better meets your passengers’ needs? We’ll work with you to create and execute a custom aircraft interior that will set your aircraft apart from the rest — and make flying even more comfortable and enjoyable. All materials can be upgraded from seats, headrests, curtains, carpeting, and more. We work with all types of fabric and leather of various shades to meet your needs.

Composite Repairs:

We repair small composite structures on aircraft interior and exteriors such as flight controls, body panels, interior panels, access doors, etc. using the latest hot bonding techniques and tooling. Our non-destructive testing department uses inspection techniques to pinpoint the extent of damage before repair and to ensure the repair is sound afterwards.

Few parts of the interior experience as much wear and tear as your aircraft seats, which mean they’re more likely to need repair than other elements may. We offer complete aircraft seat repair and refurbishment services — provided by experienced field service technicians — that will enhance the comfort and safety of you and your passengers.

Other Interior Elements:

Whether you need aircraft flooring or carpeting repaired, we can refurbish, replace and restore your aircraft to like-new condition. We also restore your galleys, lavs, coat closets, dividers, and more to perfection. No interior job too big or small.

Laminating Interior Surfaces:

Sidewalls, ceiling panels and overhead bin doors are heavily used contact surfaces and when worn, deteriorates the aircraft’s interior appeal. We use superior quality laminates that perfectly matches your color scheme and makes your interior looks and feels new.

Polishing aircraft windows removes the scratches and damages caused in-flight — providing clearer views for you and your passengers and improving safety.

In Addition To Airline Interior Refurbishment And Design, Aero Marine Interior, Inc. Offers A Variety Of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) For Aircraft Including:
- Radiography
- Infrared thermography
- Eddy current
- Magnetic particle
- Phased array ultrasonics
- Ultrasonics

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Why Should You Choose Aero Marine Interior, Inc.?
Here is Why

When it comes to aircraft interior refurbishment and design, experience counts. You want to hire a company that understands the unique needs of aircraft interiors today; that can customize and design all aspects of your interior; and that you can rely on for all of your refurbishment and repair needs. We have more than 20 years of experience in the aircraft interiors industry and are an FAA-approved repair station. All of our interior work is released with the FAA- and EASA-required documentation.

By choosing us for your airline interior refurbishment needs, our experienced, professional aircraft interior technicians, seamstresses, and field service technicians will ensure that the inside of your aircraft maximizes comfort, safety, and style for you and your passengers — now and in the months and years to come.

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